Background, Buddies, business ventures & geeky amigos

"Just to level-set understanding a bit". As you can understand from that annoying way of phrasing things, I have a background in business application design. More specifically in SAP (reserve judgement you joyful bastards!), even more specifically in all things CRM.

This implies I am in uncharted territory, especially in 3D application (or game) design. But from the looks of the internet on this topic I’ve hit a general technical frontier or front line if you will. Hence the blog.

This in turn implies that we’re in experimentation mode. Just figuring it out as we go along so to speak, hence the “buddies & the geeky amigos”.

For all you co-experimenters, if you have insights into what is written here, don’t hesitate! All feedback/ harsh criticism/ the slightly annoying “man, this is exactly what I was looking for” or even the “wow this is awesome” remark is very much welcome! If you want to work together, set up a nice little company, collaborate on brilliant ideas and slowly build an empire, do contact me. For business angels with loads of money and the desire to invest it, find and befriend me on Facebook, because we need to go and have drinks together or something.

If you would like to contact me, the easiest way is directly.


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